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  1. WH-EM-PNC Series

    WH-EM-PNC Series

    Draadfrezen zonder voorgeboord gat.

  2. Thread Mills Series

    Thread Mills Series

    Thread mills are tools designed to cut threads by milling. Thread mills are used on numerically controlled machining centers (NC) that have simultaneous, triaxle control and helical interpolation functions. In comparison to general tapping, thread milling is more stable with less cutting condition limitations in terms of chip management and coolant lubricity. Discover our line-up of thread mills inside the brochure.

  3. WX-ST-PNC-3P


    The 3-crest thread lenght reduces cutting forces and applies a low load to the tool and equipment. A short overall lenght of 40mm for superb ease of use. The WXS Coating, with a proven track record on end mills for high hardened materials, and an exclusive carbide base material.

  4. AT-1


    Om het probleem van doorbuiging en lange cyclustijd op te lossen, heeft OSG de AT-1 ontwikkeld, een revolutionaire One-pass draadfrees voor draadsnijden van hoge kwaliteit, met twee gepatenteerde technologieën voor de geometrie van het gereedschap.